Xiaomi 2011

Xiaomi’s Ambitious Goal to Be in 2017 The Next Apple in China

There is a company based in Beijing called “Xiaomi (小米)“, who had an ambitious goal to become in 2017 the…

4 years ago

Xiaomi Phone Has Already Received Over 100,000 Pre-Orders! [Update]

You can now pre-order Xiaomi phone on their official website, but you may be disappointed that your order is placed behind over 100,000…

9 years ago

Xiaomi Phone Unboxing

Like all other phones, Xiaomi phone also gets unboxed and dissected! Previously, we found out the real cost of Xiaomi phone is…

9 years ago

Xiaomi Smartphones Price List Exposed

The most curious question when you see Xiaomi Smartphone is probably the price, because it is so cheap at only…

9 years ago

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