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Did Foxconn Lose An iPhone 5 Prototype?

While on a trip to Shenzhen last weekend, our crew received a tip from an iPhone accessories supplier that an…

9 years ago

Is Wintek Producing the iPhone 5 Screen Right Now?

We already know that Apple’s iPhone 5 is coming soon, and the whole world of Apple fanboys is waiting leaks…

9 years ago

This Could Be the Design of the New “Entry-level” iPhone

While the entire world of Apple fanboys are looking for any clues as to what the next must-have Apple iPhone…

9 years ago

iPhone 5 Cases Are Now Everywhere In China

Recently, we see pictures of iPhone 5 cases on the Internet. Actually, we are now seeing these iPhone 5 cases…

9 years ago

Exclusive: White iPhone ‘4S’

Man, we don’t know if this is real, but at least we can see that it has a larger display…

9 years ago

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