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Is There Any Jailbreak For iOS 12.4? Yes.

Previously, jailbreak was used to add more features to the iPhone. But over time, Apple has expanded the capabilities of smartphones, so the need to hack the system disappeared. So hackers have less to try to seek ways to implement in iOS, and was often able to break outdated versions. For the...

iOS 13 Jailbreak. I dig it the most.

Today I want to tell you more about new iOS 13 jailbreak. We constantly receive letters to the office with a request to tell us about our opinion about jailbreak and next generation of Chinese iOS 13 Jailbreak. I want to remind you that we are from China, so we look at some products differently. 🙂

Pangu Jailbreak Download Links

Pangu Jailbreak Utility – is official jailbreak tool for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. It’s only one confirmed way to make jailbreak and install Cydia Store on jailbroken devices. If you want to install last version Cydia Store and Cydia Tweaks, you must make jailbreak on your...

iOS 10 Jailbreak. What’s new.

iOS 10 Jailbreak has very big future. Apple will be released their iOS 10 beta with new features in June. Lots of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners will be looking on the web last version of iOS 10 Jailbreak tools. It’s very interesting because only Chinese jailbreak team can do it.