Iron Man

Iron Man 3 Box Office in China Breaks US$114 Million

The box office of Iron Man 3 in mainland China has successfully exceeded 700 million yuan (US$114 million), becoming the…

7 years ago

This Is How An Electronic Iron Man Helmet Is Made! (Video)

One year ago, a smart Chinese fellow from ZTE making an ultra-realistic Iron Man Mark I suit with LED bulbs.…

8 years ago

Taiwanese Art Student Creates An Iron Man Portrait From Peeing

A graduate art student from Taiwan has won a top prize in an art contest by creating portrait from his…

8 years ago

ZTE Employee Builds Ultra-realistic Homemade Iron Man Suit

We can’t believe this. A super smart Chinese man from Chinese telecommunications equipment maker ZTE spent 3,000 yuan (about $460)…

9 years ago

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