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What is the newest iPhone?

What is the newest iPhone? – At the moment, the newest iPhone is the model – iPhone Xr. This model is available in several configurations and colors. You can choose a model with a storage size of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. Despite the fact that iPhones is an expensive product, this model...

What is the latest version of iOS for iPhone?

That day has come when you can install iOS 12.2 for yourself. The most significant change is the performance improvement on older devices. Now, your iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPad mini 2 and other devices will get a whole new life.

How much is iPhone XS cost today (Christmas 2018 price)

Today (don’t forget that for a limited time) iPhone XS price in USA (Christmas 2018 price) start at $699 via special conditions. Apple released its new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in September. Many who have been waiting for a new iPhone XS for a whole year have been disappointed with...

5 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone / iPad in 2018

MICGadget’s 5 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone in 2018 – Today I offer you 5 apps that you must install on your iPhone. Without these applications, it is even difficult to call a smartphone full-fledged.

Why iPhone XS is SO Expensive?

Every year after the next presentation from the company Apple, everyone is asking the same question. Why does the new iPhone have such a high price? What prevents Apple from releasing a new iPhone is cheaper than the previous one. Today we will try to deal with this and everything will become clear.