The Must-Have iPad Accessories For Photographers (video review)

The iPad 2 is here, and the original iPad is now $100 cheaper. Owners of the iPad will now be…

1 year ago

iPad Wireless Keyboard Review

You got an iPad, and you want an additional nice keyboard for easier typing, but Apple’s wireless keyboard and keyboard…

3 years ago

iPad Pro Price + Release Date in Hong Kong

Confirmed. Official iPad Pro Pricing strategy (Price) and Release Date in Hong Kong available for reading. (more…)

5 years ago

The Most Phenomenal Fake Apple Store in China [UPDATED]

If you think Kunming fake Apple store is nuts, you haven’t see the craziest one yet. We recently found another…

5 years ago

iPhone 7 – How It’s Made. Why Foxconn Worker Hates Making iPhones

iPhone 7 coming in 2015. A you ready for life without iPhone 7? or All-New iPad Air 3? Maybe without…

5 years ago

iOS 9 Jailbreak – Why China Has More Demand on iPhone Jailbreak than the U.S.

Good news about iOS 9 Jailbreak. According to the statistics from pod2g’s iOS blog, Internet users in China are the…

5 years ago

The Inside Story of the New Foxconn’s Chengdu Factory

Foxconn was plagued by a string of worker suicides at the factory in Shenzhen last year, prompting the company to…

5 years ago

The Reborn of Steve Jobs in Hong Kong

To mark the first anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, Madame Tussauds has revealed a new wax figure of the legendary…

8 years ago

Chinese Boy Who Sold Kidney for Apple Products Suing for Compensation of US$360,000

The 17-year-old boy who sold his kidney for Apple products is now suing for compensation of 2.27 million yuan (US$360,000)…

8 years ago

The Ultimate All-in-One Card Reader for The New iPad

The new iPad features a huge jump in screen resolution with the Retina display, making the iPad perfect for watching…

8 years ago

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