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Here’s some detail of iOS 13 Features

His guys. Today you can see more about all-new iOS 13. We know that Apple has big plan to iOS 13 redesign in 2019. Some designers released their videos and posts with new iOS 13 concept. Today we want to know more.

iOS 13 Download Links, Beta Updates, Support

Here you can find iOS 13 Download Links, Beta Updates, Support. Facebook leaks scandals have put the issue of personal data in the spotlight of iOS 13 users. Previously, most were not interested in how their data are used, but today users are concerned about those who collect information about...

Amazing new Skeuomorphism in iOS 13.

Skeuomorphism in iOS 13. Next year, Apple will completely transform the interface iOS 13: it is going to redraw the icons, make the UI elements – buttons, windows, panels and notifications more realistic, update the keyboard.

iOS 13 – Reasons to Wait for the new iOS 13!

iOS 13 release date is here. Next question – why we wait new iOS 13. Every year, users of iPhones receive an OS update with new features and capabilities. If you are an iPhone owner, you know that Apple constantly tells us that a new iPhone can completely replace a computer. We are told that...