The Inside Story of the New Foxconn’s Chengdu Factory

Foxconn was plagued by a string of worker suicides at the factory in Shenzhen last year, prompting the company to…

5 years ago

The Undercover Report on How the New iPhone 5 is Made Inside Foxconn Factory

A Chinese news agency, Shanghai Evening Post, has sent an experienced journalist to slip into the Foxconn Tai Yuan factory…

8 years ago

Explore Proview’s Abandoned Facilities in Shenzhen

Many years ago, Proview was the world’s fourth-largest flat-panel monitor manufacturer, and the company was making old-skool CRT and LCD…

8 years ago

Thousands Line Up For Foxconn’s Jobs in Zhengzhou

On the 30th of January, thousands of hopefuls stood for hours outside a labor agency located in the Chinese city…

8 years ago

The New White iPhone 4 Leaks Out

Whoops — somebody at a China factory deliberately brought the newly made white iPhone 4 to Hong Kong, by packing…

10 years ago

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