Sleeping Rack Support, Best DIY Traveling Tool in China

If the train is super crowded, you have no luck for using the rack.While taking long distance train in China,…

5 years ago

This Is How An Electronic Iron Man Helmet Is Made! (Video)

One year ago, a smart Chinese fellow from ZTE making an ultra-realistic Iron Man Mark I suit with LED bulbs.…

8 years ago

Chinese Man Builds Himself Bionic Hands After Losing Both of His Hands

You may wonder how did he make himself a pair of bionic hands when he actually doesn’t have hands. Well,…

8 years ago

Turning an Old Hard Disk Into a Candy Floss Machine

A Chinese engineer who operates a data recovery and hard drive repair center is being hailed as a genius after…

8 years ago

Watch a Guy Build an “iPad 3″ in Two Weeks

Watch a Guy Build an “iPad 3″ in Two Weeks. To anyone wondering why on earth you’d want to build…

9 years ago

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