Angry Birds China

Hands-On With Angry Birds Shoes

The parcel guy just called, and guess what he brought? Nothing less than The Official Shoes of Angry Birds, from…

6 years ago

Rovio Plans to Open 200 Angry Birds Merchandise Stores in China

The incredible Angry Birds continues to expand its fame and glory in China. During April, Rovio Mobile has partnered with…

7 years ago

This Angry Birds Space Piggy Bank Has A Built-in Speaker And A Movable Beak (video)

Alright, we were shopping at Guangzhou last week and came across this set of Angry Birds Space “Action Toy”. (more…)

7 years ago

Rovio May Says “YES” To China’s Unauthorized Angry Bird Arcade Booth

Like what we reported a couple of days ago, it is an unlicensed Angry Bird arcade booth. Shouldn’t it suppose…

8 years ago

Angry Birds Mooncakes hands-on!

Guess what? Rovio Mobile has its own bakery products in China — the bird-shaped mooncakes (pictured above). These Angry Birds…

9 years ago

The Most Authentic Angry Birds Arcade Booth Yet

Remember the Angry Birds game booth that we had spotted in Guangzhou China? Maybe that is not exciting enough. We…

9 years ago

Angry Birds Seasons Moon Festival Is Available Now!

Hooray! Rovio has updated its Angry Birds Seasons with 30 new Chinese Moon Festival levels and 8 hidden pieces of…

9 years ago

Angry Birds MoonCake Is Here!

At the end of last month, we have already heard of Angry Bird to launch a new look for Chinese…

9 years ago

Angry Birds Seasons Gets New Look For Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

In celebration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (or Moon Festival), Rovio decides to share mooncakes in the shape of their…

9 years ago

Ancient Chinese Angry Birds, Huh?

While this is one of those ancient Chinese stuff that leaves you scratching your head and wondering what exactly it…

9 years ago

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