iOS 13.1 Release Date is 30-th September, 2019. Why?

Apple decided to delay these iOS 13.1 features, given their insignificance. It’s a very strange. We are trying to understand what these functions are and why Cupertino decided to hold their output. These iOS 13 features will be available to...

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iOS 13 is HERE

Here is iOS 13 Release Date, Beta Download, Features, Rumors, Devices, Updates. The new iOS 13 is Apple mobile software, as millions of iPhones owners want to have the newest, most secure, fastest and most user-friendly iOS.

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iOS 13 Download Links, Beta Updates, Support

Here you can find iOS 13 Download Links, Beta Updates, Support. Facebook leaks scandals have put the issue of personal data in the spotlight of iOS 13 users. Previously, most were not interested in how their data are used, but today users are...

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New iPhone 11 Release Date is 20-th September, 2019

The new iPhone 11 is the most awaited gadget this year. Millions of users are waiting for the fall, to update your smartphone to a new iPhone 2019 model. This is not surprising, because the new iPhone 11 will have not only a new design, features but...

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How Many Megapixels is the iPhone 11?

The main camera Apple iPhone 11 in appearance is almost no different from the one used in iPhone XS. but to judge by the clothes in this case is not necessary — all the changes inside. Dual vertically oriented camera Apple iPhone 11 with a six-lens...

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