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How To Print Screen Mac

Hi guys. If you bought a new iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro or new MacBook Air recently, you noticed that your Mac does not have a special button “Print Screen”. But it’s not a problem. Screenshot on Mac can be made standard means of the system. No additional applications need to...

Phenomenal Steve Jobs Figure Hands-on

This Steve Jobs action figure is just awesome. It’s pretty interesting to see that it has a tiny body and a big head. When I take an in-depth look on the figure, seriously, the level of detail in this thing is simply amazing. Looking at his face, beard, jeans and sneakers makes me feel that it is a...

5 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone / iPad in 2018

MICGadget’s 5 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone in 2018 – Today I offer you 5 apps that you must install on your iPhone. Without these applications, it is even difficult to call a smartphone full-fledged.

New MacBook Air 2018 or MacBook Pro without Touch Bar 2017 – 2018 models

Hi guys. Today we want to tell you more about one of the most popular question in last month. A couple of weeks ago, my MacBook Air 2011 !!! overheated and stopped working. I spent all the posts and trainings on my MacBook Air and now, suddenly, it stopped working. I started to make myself a new...

Amazing new Skeuomorphism in iOS 13.

Skeuomorphism in iOS 13. Next year, Apple will completely transform the interface iOS 13: it is going to redraw the icons, make the UI elements – buttons, windows, panels and notifications more realistic, update the keyboard.

Why iPhone XS is SO Expensive?

Every year after the next presentation from the company Apple, everyone is asking the same question. Why does the new iPhone have such a high price? What prevents Apple from releasing a new iPhone is cheaper than the previous one. Today we will try to deal with this and everything will become clear.

iOS 13 – Reasons to Wait for the new iOS 13!

iOS 13 release date is here. Next question – why we wait new iOS 13. Every year, users of iPhones receive an OS update with new features and capabilities. If you are an iPhone owner, you know that Apple constantly tells us that a new iPhone can completely replace a computer. We are told that...