Leaked Photo of New MacBook Pro Logic Board Shows NVIDIA GT 650M Chipset

If these leaked photos are real, the new MacBook Pro could have an upgraded NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M (Kepler) Graphics…

10 years ago

Apple Providing Subsidies For Foxconn Workers?

Ok, Apple might be showing their social responsibility for now. A tech site in China has reported, Apple will provide…

10 years ago

The Real Truth Behind Foxconn’s Suicide Cluster

UPDATED The Foxconn suicide mess is all started from job stress. Within half a year, there are 9 suicides with…

10 years ago

Foxconn Offers Destress Room To Halt The “Suicide Cluster”

The Foxconn workers are working hard to make Apple motherboards, iPhones, and all kinds of things for Apple everyday. Some…

10 years ago

MacBook Air Knockoff is Much More Affordable

Apple’s MacBook Air is a wonderful notebook which makes me fall in love at first sight. It’s amazingly thin, but…

11 years ago

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