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iPhone 2020: This is what iPhone 2020 might look like

Hi guys. iPhone 2020 day is funday. Apple’s autumn presentation will take place in just a few days. Of course, the most awaited line of new iPhones, but in addition, Apple has prepared for the public a lot of pleasant surprises. Rumors about what to expect at the event have accumulated enough.

What’s next for the iPhone 2019?

What’s next for the iPhone 2019? – Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max. Thus, the price for the older iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will start from $1292 and $1422 respectively.

Buy Apple iPhone 11 via Pre-Order

How To buy Apple iPhone 11 Online? You can buy brand new Apple iPhone 11 via Pre-Order. We already know that Apple will present iPhone 2019 on September 10. If you’re the kind of person who buys a new iPhone every year, you’ll be interested to know that pre-order will open by the end of...

Is There Any Jailbreak For iOS 12.4? Yes.

Previously, jailbreak was used to add more features to the iPhone. But over time, Apple has expanded the capabilities of smartphones, so the need to hack the system disappeared. So hackers have less to try to seek ways to implement in iOS, and was often able to break outdated versions. For the...

iPhone 11 will switch to USB-C….. Do you need it in your new iPhone?

Again. 2019 iPhone 11 will switch to USB-C. Apple has been preparing for the widespread use of USC Type-C in its devices for several years, using the universal connector in all MacBook models, and then last year’s generation of iPad Pro. But the iPhone innovation has not yet reached. Perhaps...