The End of Apple CEO Action Figure


A few hours ago, we have just received an email from a law firm representing Apple.Inc. Apple has informed us that this phenomenal SJ action figure, has not consented to the use of Apple’s copyrights and trademarks, therefore they request us immediately to cease the marketing and sale of this figure. Here’s what the email has told us:

“Unauthorized use of a person’s name and/or likeness constitutes a violation of California Civil Code Section 3344, which prohibits the use of any person’s name, photograph or likeness in a product without that person’s prior consent…” bla bla bla…

So, all Apple fanboys, you are not going to get this phenomenal figure anymore. M.I.C gadget hereby apologizes to Steve Jobs, Apple.Inc, and their law firm for any inconvenience caused. For those of you who have successfully ordered this collection item, we will contact you.

P.S. Steve, can we apply for some trademark license to produce this phenomenal figure for all your Apple fans? A wild thought, maybe Apple can bundle this figure with an iPhone 4 purchase…

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