The New White iPhone 4 Leaks Out

Whoops — somebody at a China factory deliberately brought the newly made white iPhone 4 to Hong Kong, by packing into a black iPhone 4 box and let the securities to think it’s just a dull black iPhone 4. So, take your time to digest these beautiful photos of the NEW white iPhone 4, featuring white headphone jack and dock connector! Buy Bactroban online

Btw, this is a 32GB model. And you need to see the two pics below first, showing the white headphone jack and dock connector.
Now, here are the all-around shots of this leaked new white iPhone 4.
We don’t know if this white iPhone 4 is real or fake, by saying fake we mean this is maybe a DIY white iPhone 4 which is originally a black model, just modified with the white parts which you can get easily from some places of China. Buy Female Cialis online
I need to tell you that the guys from the gray market of Hong Kong could help you to turn your black iPhone 4 into a white one, by replacing the parts here and there. Anyway, we found this “somebody” who brought this secret newly-made white iPhone 4 to HK, you can follow him at Twitter if you want to know the inside details, or buy it from him… Plavix without prescription

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