iOS 13.1 Release Date is 30-th September, 2019. Why?

iOS-13-1-Release-Date Apple decided to delay these iOS 13.1 features, given their insignificance. It’s a very strange. We are trying to understand what these functions are and why Cupertino decided to hold their output. These iOS 13 features will be available to owners of compatible devices with the release of iOS 13.1, which will be released on September 30

Automatic execution of quick commands:
A year ago, Apple added support for fast commands to iOS, which greatly expanded the functionality of the operating system. In fact, quick commands are scripts that prescribe the sequential execution of specific tasks such as downloading videos from YouTube or playing them in the background.

In iOS 13.1, quick commands can be enabled automatically when certain scenarios are run. For example, when connected to the vehicle’s on-Board computer, music will be turned on and incoming calls will be muted.

How to share your location on Apple Maps:

In iOS 13, Apple developers have significantly improved Apple Maps, adding support for Look Around mode, which is analogous to Google panoramas. However, this is not the only innovation presented at the presentation. For convenience, maps have a function that allows you to share the current location of the user. For some reason, it was decided to postpone its implementation until iOS 13.1.

Adjusting the volume of accessories:

In iOS 13, Cupertino did what millions of users asked for-changed the appearance of the volume control window. Now the volume increase or decrease will be visualized not in the form of a speaker icon with sound gradations moving to the middle of the screen, but in the form of a small oval, like those responsible for adjusting the volume and brightness in the control Room today. With the release of iOS 13.1, compatible devices will begin to visualize the volume change of connected accessories in a similar way.

Why was that necessary? Perhaps behind this iOS 13.1 update, Apple wanted to hide other, more significant innovations that users are not supposed to know about. It could be some kind of security fix or something.