iPhone 11 Price in USA including New York City + Los Angeles

iPhone 11 Price in USA including New York City + Los Angeles. Today we want to tell you more about new iPhone 11 Price in USA. It’s a most awaited smartphone in 2019. It’s very interesting because we know that last version iPhone Xs has very very sales and lots of iPhone owners bought new smartphone. but…lots of iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S owners wait new iPhone 11. Today we can tell you more about new iPhone 11 price in USA.

iPhone 11 Price in USA:

iPhone 11 Model iPhone 11 Price USA
iPhone 11 128GB $999
iPhone 11 512GB $1149
iPhone 11 Max 128GB $1099
iPhone 11 Max 512GB $1299


Although the iPhone X has become the most expensive in the history of Apple, this year the company will reduce the cost of its phones. Prices for the previous smartphone started at $ 1000, so the new one probably will be at $ 800-900. Some IT resources say that the new iPhone 11 will cost much less than iPhone X. Its price will range from $850 – $950 (small version like 128GB)

As always, a new phone is expected in September 2019. It has already become a good tradition for Apple to present new smartphones in early autumn. Few people doubt that the company will break the tradition.

  • these iPhone 11 prices are calculated on the basis of the latest data obtained from trusted sources.