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Macbook Pro 2017 Release Date, Tech Specs, Updates.

Macbook Pro 2017 Release Date, Tech Specs, Updates. Rumors say that Apple will be released new Macbook Pro 2017 version in this winter. If it will be true, we can buy this Holidays. Every year Apple released new products, but this update we wait very especially. Why?

Original Macbook Pro box is a standard – white flat packing, where you will find the power cord to the adapter for European outlets, and a small black envelope with a greeting, a brief tour of the paper computer warranty and a cloth to wipe the screen. And, of course, the two famous “apple” stickers – where the same without them.

The first thing that catches your eye – this design. Compared with the previous generation of MacBook Pro, which saw the light at the end of last year, the appearance of the laptop has not changed. The same metal casing, a dark frame around the screen, and luminous “apple” on the cover. Dimensions as well as the weight of the computer, Apple also left unchanged…. but we wait new keyboard and new special features.

By analogy with the iPhone, the new MacBook Pro will encrypt the fingerprint image. The iPhone and iPad information about the fingerprints stored in the protected area of the processor memory (Secure Enclave). It is only available for the Touch ID sensor, and any programs or services Apple may not apply to the data or save them.

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