How To Buy iPhone 7 Jet Black Earlier

How To Buy iPhone 7 Jet Black Earlier: On Friday, 16 September, in the first wave of countries started selling iPhone 7 smartphones that were presented last week. But even before Apple started selling pre-orders sold out on all models of iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the iPhone 7 in the Jet Black colors.

At the moment, the Apple promises to deliver a smartphone in a glossy black until November. Read more about iPhone 7 ship date in usa. The solution offered the YouTube-Channel authors PeripateticPandas.

As Apple says that the iPhone 7 in the Jet Black color is made of smooth brushed aluminum, and to achieve a glossy effect model shell undergoes nine-precision process of anodising and polishing. The result is a deep black color. PeripateticPandas did the same, but a lot easier.

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