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iPhone 7 Price in USA 2016 will be more expensive that previous model.

Bad news for all who want to see new 2016 model iPhone 7 price in USA, China or Worldwide.

Today we want to tell you some things about new iPhone 7 price strategy. We know that every year Apple releases new iPhone with same price like previous version of iPhone. We know if you want to buy previous version iPhone, best time to do it – after official new iPhone release date. But after iPhone 7 release date in 2016, we can see different situation. Some sources leaked information that iPhone 7 will be have new full specifications and unibody. It’s good news if you want buy revolutionary iPhone, but bad news if you want buy new iPhone with same price like iPhone 6S.

New display quality, new aluminum and some liquid glass unibody make new iPhone 7 (2016 model) more expensive.

Example: iPhone 6S prices in USA:

iPhone 6S 16GB with contract: $199
iPhone 6S 64GB with contract: $299
iPhone 6S 128GB with contract: $399

iPhone 6S 16GB without contract: $649
iPhone 6S 64GB without contract: $749
iPhone 6S 128GB without contract: $849

We think new iPhone 7 prices will be like:

iPhone 7 32GB with contract: $249
iPhone 7 64GB with contract: $349
iPhone 7 128GB with contract: $449

iPhone 7 32GB without contract: $709
iPhone 7 64GB without contract: $809
iPhone 7 128GB without contract: $909

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