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Xiaomi Ninebot Release Date, Review, Impressions.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Release Date in China, Hong Kong – 17-th November, 2015.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini is most awaited product from Xiaomi for new generation, who like smartphones, cool lifestyle and leisure. It’s new product from such company – Xiaomi Scooter or Segway Clone. Comparison side by side between Ninebot Mini and Segway. You can clearly see there is a difference in the size. The segway looks bulky compared to handy Ninebot Mini. Besides that, you can easily master the skill of handling the scooter within few minutes!

>>> Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Price in China, Hong Kong, USA, Worldwide

For those who already own a car license, we know steering is needed to control the direction of the wheel. How to apply this theory in Ninebot Mini? In Ninebot Mini, there is no such thing call steering. You want to move forward? Then lean your body to the front then it will move forward. Lean your body to backwards then it will move backwards. You can move to right and left using your lower leg (calf muscle) to control the direction lever.

Today you can see this first complete Xiaomi Ninebot Mini hand-On Review + Impressions list:

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