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iPhone 6S Release – Grey Market in China.

iPhone 6S and grey market in China. The new iPhone 6S is expected to hit shelves of stores in Hong Kong on September 18. We think that as China will among the first countries on the schedule, but we know that all official iPhone 6S will be released in first day, Chinese scalpers are gearing up to make a fortune from mark-ups on new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus (and rumored iPhone 6C) bought from Hong Kong and brought to China.

However, things are a little different at the Apple Store in Hong Kong. While we might expect to see long lines, Apple is warning customers not to bother lining up for launch of the new iPhone 6S at its retail store in Hong Kong. Here’s the deal: If you want to buy the new iPhone 6S in Hong Kong, you might have to enter a lottery to win the chance to buy it. Scalpers are pissed.

Following on from the violence-laden product launch that was the “old” iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S (2014 and 2013), Apple is reportedly set to avoid such situations by offering its iPhone 6S and others new products like future-phone iPhone 7 to customers in Hong Kong by way of a lottery-based reservation system. It was brought in seemingly in a bid to prevent so-called scalpers coming from mainland China, where the iPhones are in short supply, buying up plenty of devices and then selling them on at a profit back in mainland China.

We don’t know how it’s will work in this fall, but we know that it’s the best way to buy iPhone 6S in 2015. Some employers told me that pre-order will be started at 15-th September. Hmm. Very interesting.

Back to the history (“old” iPhone in China):

Interestingly, in spite of the signs at the IFC Mall, and even police requests to leave, scalpers have still been trying to line up. Police have attempted to get the scalpers moving off the site, but has done so with little success.

Scalpers are reluctant to leave
A few police officers stood by with police dog
Chief police officer is on the spot, and he’s in-charge of the operation of controlling the scalpers
Apple store employees checking out the lines outside the store
An Apple representative talks with the scalpers
According to a scalper who does not wish to be named, the reason why so many scalpers are still lining up is that their gang leader has not given the order to “retreat”. The gang leader is the exact same person who was in charge of the operation of scalping for the iPhone 4S launch. What’s more, the line-waiters were paid HK$ 100 ($13) to wait in line for 24 hours, but comparing to iPhone 4S launch, scalpers were receiving HK$ 500 ($64) to wait in line for their bosses at that time.

over 30 line-waiters and scalpers are camping outside of the IFC
There’s another reason for these scalpers not going back home. Among the line-waiters and scalpers, there are some middle-aged women and men, and they do not know anything about the iReserve system at all. There are some housewives too, and they do know about the reserve and pick up system, but the problem is, they do not know how to surf the Internet. Here’s what a housewife said to the local media,

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