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MacBook Pro Knockoff for Poor PC Boys

Just 3 months ago we were playing with the ultimate MacBook Air knockoff, admiring the glowing Apple logo on it and trying to put it in an envelope to show how thin it is. Now, those knockoff makers go Pro with their mighty MacBook knockoff.

What’s the difference with the MacBook Air knockoff ? Well, you get a faster processor, faster graphic, faster everything. Not as powerful as the original, I’m sure you would not mind it by looking at its price first, just $3299 RMB (about $480).

Same as the original, it comes from one (maybe not one) solid piece of aluminum and made to be thin and durable. Instead of getting the glowing Apple logo like the one we reviewed previously, you get a glowing Dragonfly (I think it looks like dragonfly) logo.

It features a 14 inch LED backlit display (1366×768) and we do not see this size in the MacBook Pro family.

With its chiclet keyboard, I’m sure PC users will need some time to get used with it. And, the keyboard only brings you a Windows logo instead of an Apple logo key. Right and left click buttons are built-into the trackpad but please don’t wish for any Multi-Touch actions on it.

Speakers are placed above the keyboard and there are indicator lights on the sides too. Power button is located on the right just like the original.

img src=”” alt=”MacBook Pro Knockoff” width=”580″ height=”269″ />

This MacBook Pro knockoff includes an Atom D510 processor running at 1.66Ghz, 1GB RAM (DDR2 channel, support up to 2GB), 160GB hard drive, SD card slot, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), 3 USB ports, Ethernet port, VGA port, HDMI port, 1.3 Megapixels webcam, 4-cell battery with 3 hours of battery life, and a 14.1-inch 1366 x 768 screen. Moreover, the machine is based on Nvidia ION-2 platform in which you get dual graphics, Intel GMA 3150 and ION 2. This really rocks!

The bottom is pretty simple and clean. It just lack of the ‘Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China’ sentences. You can access the hardware in it by unscrewing a total of 15 screws.

Since the new MacBook Pro featuring Core i7 is getting pretty darn warm under pressure, you might be happy with this MacBook Pro knockoff. Temperatures are low and feels very cool. Atom processors are really great for cooling solution.

If you are a crazy Apple fanboy who admire Apple’s high quality product, this laptop here is totally a joke for you. It has great imitation and most importantly, it comes with ION 2 chipset which everyone dreams for on their netbooks. Improvements could be done by switching to a faster processor and putting the glowing Apple logo on it. This MacBook Pro knockoff is coming soon in May and might be priced higher. []

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