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Apple’s Asia’s Largest Store in Beijing Wangfujing.

Thousands Queue Up for Apple’s Asia’s Largest Store in Beijing Wangfujing. Apple’s brand-new Beijing Wangfujing location opened its doors today to swarms of Chinese Apple fans, journalists and tourists. The new store is a pretty big deal for a few reasons.

First, Wangfujing is an iconic place and one of the most photographed landmarks in Beijing. Second, at nearly 25,000 square feet, this location is Asia’s largest Apple Store, and China’s biggest one. Third, the store features a three-story glass staircase and dual 360-degree Genius Bar counters.

Ok. Back to the history. We have lots of photos after the break. So, Apple iFanatics in Beijing are excited about the new store, and thousands were seen queuing up outside the new store, awaiting for the chance to step into the new store.

A large crowd of eager customers was seen at 7am in the morning, 2 hours left to grand opening.

Here’s something weird. Not all line space is occupied.

Black barricades were set up for well management on the long queue.

Chinese Apple fans were very excited. They can’t wait to go into the store.

And the queue ends here.

We saw this lady outside the new store, and she was holding a board saying, “My husband did not buy an iPhone 5 for me and he is not reliable. I’m looking for a highly eligible bachelor,”.

See that banner at the center of the crowd? Yeah, one Apple die-hard fan had a Gangnam-themed sign to commemorate the opening of the new Wangfujing store.

We actually see more men than women in the line.

There were nearly a thousand people queuing up outside the store, while some queued overnight at freezing temperature.

Apple store employees assemble at front door. They are ready to clap, cheer, and give high-five to customers.

Employees getting amped up to welcome the customers.

It’s 9am, and the doors open, welcoming the Chinese Apple fans.

Employees lined up outside the doors to high-five and congratulate each person.

,Apple employees clap, cheer and high five the customers. Hooray!


Oh my, the staff look pretty indeed.

Customers were escorted one-by-one through the front door.

It’s spectacular.

Customers were shooting video with their iPhones or iPads while they were walking into the store.

The excitement of the employees helped build the anticipation of the opening.

Walking along the glass staircase will see Apple employees waving at you. Very nice.

Apple’s official video crew. Very professional. Could anyone guess what’s the gear they’re using?

Some of the employees were foreigners. Wonder if they speak fluent Chinese?

Workshop has just started!

This three-story glass staircase is the only one of its kind in Apple Stores in China. Be proud of yourself if you put a step on it!

The customer who had a Gangnam-themed sign looked cool at the store.

We were shocked when we see this Chinese guy wearing U.S. Army uniform and touching the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Everyone was genuinely excited.

Say cheese~~~

The store was fully packed with people, and we actually had a hard time breathing in there. It’s quite stuffy.

All employees were gathered together to take a family photo.

At noon, there was still a massive crowd outside the store. And we’re pretty sure the line was a mix of real Chinese Apple fans, no scalpers at all. We love this grand opening very much!

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