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Preview of China’s Largest Apple Store in Beijing Wangfujing (Photo Gallery)

UPDATED. The grand opening of the Wangfujing Apple Store is just around the corner, and, Apple presents us the first public preview of their largest Apple store in Asia.

It’s a three-story Apple Store, and includes more than a hundred of Mac Specialists, Mac Geniuses and Creatives. A total of 300 employees will work the store, and best of all, this new store has an entire floor dedicated to service, featuring two 360-degree Genius Bars. And a three-story glass staircase.

Apple’s third Beijing store is a spectacle to behold. It’s the largest Apple store in China, and it’s Apple’s third store to have a three-story glass staircase, plus there’s two astonishing double-row Genius Bar that allows “360-degree access” to Apple staff. Check out the photos below as we explain to you what you can see in this new China Apple store.

The new store is located at Wangfujing, the busiest commercial street in Beijing. In fact, the new store lands in the Beijing APM mall on Wangfujing Street. The APM mall is a huge ultra modern mall featuring a mix of food and retail.

The store is massive, sporting a gigantic curved glass display.

Before the store officially open its doors to the public this Saturday, Apple invited the local press media for a tour inside the store.

Unfortunately, the public are not allowed to go in yet. This is the view inside the APM mall.

Just like always, all Apple products are put on big tables and customers can enjoy to touch in any way they like.

New MacBook Pro notebooks with retina display are available for customers to touch. Awesome.

The store’s floor is the now-standard gray stone, we can see stainless steel pillars and the upper wall facing are the standard, bead-blasted stainless steel too. Lots of iconic wood tables, and the lighting includes large luminous ceiling panels.

Here we have Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail John Browett who planned to cut jobs to raise profits. He gave a speech to the press and he stated this new store is Apple’s third store to feature a three-story glass spiral staircase.

This is it. The three-story glass spiral staircase that connects 3 level. Just like the Apple Store at West 14th Street in New York City.

The poster says the store will be opening its doors to the public at 9am on Saturday, October 20.

Here’s a closer look at the glass staircase, from the top view, and looking up from the ground floor.

Fortunately, the glass is actually frosted to prevent possible peeping opportunities for unsavory types.

Here’s the line-up by floor, which is pretty interesting:
– Ground floor: all MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, iPhone 4S, iPods (not the new 5th-gen iPod touch and 7th-gen iPod nano) on the tables.
– Second floor: Double-row Genius Bar, training tables.
– Basement: Software and accessories section, along with the ‘kids’ table.

This is the Double-row Genius Bar, featuring two desks, one behind the other, and they run parallel to the back wall, providing 360-degree access by employees and customers.

The store contains two Double-row Genius Bars to allow customers to sit/stand next to their technicians rather than across from them.

Down to the basement, you get to shop for all kinds of accessories for your Apple products.

And there are training tables.

The kids’ table. With iPads.

According to Browett, the Wangfujing store offers the widest range of accessories for Apple products. So customers can get any kind of accessories they want at this store.

We see a lot of Earpods being put up or sale. But there’s no lightning cables.

More accessories on the other side of the basement.

And this Wangfujing store is filled with 300 retail employees.

Here’s the bummer. No new iPod nano. No new iPod touch. No new iPhone 5.

The storefront of the store looks gorgeous. The front door is topped with a back-lit Apple logo.

Locals are all excited about the new Apple store at Wangfujing.

And this is what the Wangfujing Store looks like at night.

So this is the tour of the new Apple store in Beijing. Grand opening will begin in the morning this Saturday, and the store is well-prepared to serve thousands of shoppers on that day. And free commemorative t-shirts will also be given, and we are hearing that there’s only a thousand pieces available.

Via: Sina (Chinese Translated)

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