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9 Most Amazing Chinglish Quotes

I really want have a cup of coffee in this “STAR FUCKS”.

We have Foxconn. It’s most biggest factory in World. Amazing, 15 years ago, China was a nation with roads hardly see authentic brands and stores. Today, China without those Chinese sign and Chinese, you would think of you are still in one of the American city near China Town. Think of it, pretty scary on the speed of change. But, sometimes you can see ….

Paper Urine Trousers:

Who wears the urine pants in this family?!

Enjoy Fresh Air After You Pee in China:

If you don’t pee civilized, you can’t have any fresh air. Will you pee civilized?

Hole Thing:

The Chinese named this as “Hole Thing”. Sounds weird.

Health Demolition Tofu Recipe:

I can feel my stomach exploding. Do you want to have one ?

Beware of Missing Foot:

You need to be careful when you are up on the hill in China.

Sausage Collection Point

This is where the Chinese get their hot dogs.

Thank you very moth!

Be sure to thank the caterpillar as its laying eggs under your skin.

You like-a da juice?

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