Where iPhone 6S is made. 70% of iPhone Production Now Comes From Foxconn’s Zhengzhou Plant

Updated: We know that new iPhone 6S will be like iPhone 6. iPhone 6S price will be similar? We don’t know, but we know that 70% of all iPhone 6S will be comes from Foxconn. It’s not new, but it’s real. We updated our “old” post about iPhone production process.

We knew there’s a newly built manufacturing facility for the iPhone in Zhengzhou, China. And the plant cranks out about 200,000 iPhones per day. Here’s something we just knew today, and really surprised us.

70 percent of the production for the iPhone now comes from Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant, and the iPhone production line in the Zhengzhou plant is aiming to crank out 400,000 iPhones per day. Not enough? Here we have a video showing Foxconn CEO Terry Gou and a Chinese reporter touring the iPhone production line at the Zhengzhou plant. Video after the break.

According to Mr. Li Jiaxiang, the Administrator of the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC), 70 percent of the production for Apple’s iPhone comes from Zhengzhou this year. The iPhones that are manufactured in Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant are shipped worldwide and according to Li, the Zhengzhou plant will be able to produce 200 tons of international cargo every day starting in June this year. One more thing, insiders are predicting Apple could potentially ship 120-150 million iPhone handsets this year.

You may not know, Apple’s iPhone has become one of the major export commodities of Henan province. In January this year, Henan province exported 1.24 billion yuan in cellphones, and that accounts for 52.7 percent of the province’s exports. What’s more, the import and export value of Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant has reached 2.07 billion US dollars, and that accounts for 53.8 percent of Henan province’s total import and export value.

Here comes a question, will the working condition in Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant get much more stressful with the aim to crank out 400,000 iPhones per day? Well, workers who are working at the iPhone production line in Zhengzhou were interviewed, and they seemed to be alright. Check out the video interview below.

In the interview, one of the Foxconn workers said she receives two 15-minute paid rest breaks at noon and afternoon, one 50-minute meal period in each workday in which she work at least eight hours. And she earns 2,000-3,000 yuan ($316 – $474) per month. Another female worker who just got hired is responsible to do checking on connectors and tiny components to see if they are washed out, oxidized, or out of shape. The Chinese reporter then asked the worker whether her eyes get tired when checking the components, and the worker replied: No.

So, Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant is now the main manufacturing plant for iPhone production line, and Foxconn has been working with the Chinese city of Zhengzhou to make the factory the largest smartphone production facility in the world. Speaking of the workforce at the facility there, there are more than 110,000 workers after the large-scale recruitment in January 2012. Moreover, some of the newly recruited workers are relocated from Foxconn’s Shenzhen plant. Each production line in the Zhengzhou plant is 148-meter-long, and consists of 80 workers. 10,000 iPhones will be produced from each production line every day.

You may ask, why 70 percent of iPhone production is now coming from Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant? Well, Foxconn’s strategy is to move production from Shenzhen to inland territories where costs are lower and it can pay its peasant workers lower wages, as well as benefiting from tax breaks from city authorities. What’s more, Shenzhen had become notorious for its spate of suicides and accusations of poor working conditions and enforced overtime.

Source: iFeng, YNET.com

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