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MacBook Air Knockoff with Glowing Apple Logo

Proving once again that the Chinese are creative on making knockoffs. Here’s a MacBook Air wannabe featuring a glowing Apple logo with different color. Apple fanboys might love this.

MacBook Air knockoffs are available for sale everywhere in Shenzhen. Citizens are loving it since it costs way cheaper than the ones from Apple, and the machine meet their demands for everyday usage. It’s not surprising to see a Chinese sitting down at Starbucks with a notebook which has a glowing Apple logo.

Price and Configuration

It’s powered by a 1.66GHz Atom N280 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive and a 3-cell battery. It supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and will only run you $1700RMB (about $249). You can choose Windows XP or free-dos for the OS, and upgrade to 2GB RAM or 320GB hard drive when you are purchasing.


You would get attracted to this machine at first sight. It looks exactly the same with Apple’s MacBook Air, but with different color.

The Apple logo could glow different types of color that tickles your fancy. I prefer the blue one instead.

I’m happy to see that this knockoff uses chiclet keyboard just like the MacBooks. You can choose white or black keyboard when purchasing. A big touchpad can be found under the keyboard too. The knockoff uses a 13.3 inch (1280*800) LED backlit screen which is the biggest one I have ever seen so far among the netbooks.

The ports are distributed along the sides: two USB ports, HDMI out, Ethernet port, microphone, and speaker jacks. A SD Card slot is also available. It’s unlikely to find these stuff on Apple’s MacBook Air.


Apple MacBooks are really cool, but you need plenty of money to own it. PC fanboys who love Apple could buy this knockoff without second thoughts. However, you would not get the same specs as the real one, since this knockoff only gives you the capability of surfing the web, checking for emails and working out with your documents. All of these are enough for a computer user nowadays. So, it’s just up to you whether this MacBook Air knockoff suits you or not.

Order and Purchase

This MacBook Air knockoff has a price tag of $1900 RMB. There will be a new model coming soon in 3 days, it has a white color glowing Apple logo just like the Apple’s MacBook. It comes with the new Atom N450 platform. A full review of the machine will be available on coming Wednesday. If you are looking for more details, send us an email to So please stay tuned.

UPDATE 1: Our homemade MacBook Air knock-off ad.

UPDATE 2: Unboxing & Hands-on Video!

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