No AirPods in the new iPhone 8 box.

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Last week you can read on the web information that the new iPhone 8 package will include wireless headphones AirPods, instead of the traditional wired headset. According to experts, a similar step from Apple, will give the novelty a serious competitive advantage. It’s good news for all who want to buy new smartphone with new headphones AirPods. But…

2017 iPhone Release date in USA, Canada, Europe.

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2017 iPhone Release date in USA, Canada, Europe: iPhone 2017 should be the largest update of “apple” smartphones in history, so Apple has high hopes for it. Earlier it became known that the company ordered 92 million OLED-panels, so as not to suffer a deficit in its novelty. We know that Apple will be released their new smartphone in this fall.

iPhone 2017 Design Concept. Updates.

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Today we want to tell you more about new iPhone 2017 model. It’s new beautiful iPhone concept for all who wait new iPhone. Ok. Let’s go.

Hello new iPhone, What is your name?

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One week ago, we wrote our information about new iPhone models specifications. After that, some of online home pages wrote this leaked information, but with naccurate information.

No new iPhone 8 Lightning connector?

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Two days ago we wrote about the fact that Apple plans to release 2 models of its new iPhone, and today we got another good news. A month ago, the network had information that the Apple plans to replace on new iPhone 8 its brand Lightning connector with a new USB-C (like MacBook Pro’s).

No Apple, Please No.

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No Apple, Please No. We know that Apple has big plans to new iPhone 2017 model. One of the most popular question –  Location of Touch ID in the new smartphone.
Some days ago we can see last leaked screenshot via Sony Dickson with design drawing of Apple’s rumored 5.8-inch iPhone with an new display size.

New iPhone 8 will have 2 models. Not three.

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Today we can write more good news about new iPhone 2017 model.  According to last rumors, Apple has been working for years to embed its Touch ID sensor beneath the iPhone’s display, and the new Apple’s iPhone was expected to be the first iPhone to feature the new tech.

iPhone Pegatron Factory – Relax don’t do it.

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The student graduate of the New York university Dejian Zeng worked one and a half months at the Pegatron plant at which assembly of iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 is made. Zeng said that the typical working day, including overtime, short breaks and security checks, was about 12.5 hours:

iPhone 8 Release Date and Specs

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iPhone 8 Release Date. Today we hear a lot of gossips about technical descriptions of the front side of new IPhone 8, although its presentation is going to happen only in September 2017.

4-inch iPhone 2017 Release Date, Pricing, Features

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Again. 4-inch iPhone 2017 Leaked information. Some our sources leaked that Apple plans to release its new 4-inch smartphone in the spring of 2017. We don’t know real name, but iPhone 7 mini, as they call it sources should be virtually identical to the iPhone 7 specifications to arrive at a completely affordable price tag on the iPhone the SE level.