The Most Phenomenal Fake Apple Store in China (with video!) [UPDATED]

If you think Kunming fake Apple store is nuts, you haven’t see the craziest one yet. We recently found another fake Apple store. It’s located in Zhongshan, China. It’s definitely not a cheap knock-off, it’s probably the most gorgeous Apple store knockoff yet. Full photo gallery and video after the break.

How is the New Apple Store in Southern China Curb the Grey Market Business

More Apple stores open in China and Hong Kong, but couldn’t meet customers expectations.iPhone 6S coming in this fall. We have covered a lot on the unique grey market situation revolving around primarily Apple products. Since the iPhone 4 launch, Apple has been unable to curb this lucrative business in China and Hong Kong.

Preview of China’s Largest Apple Store in Beijing Wangfujing (Photo Gallery)

UPDATED. The grand opening of the Wangfujing Apple Store is just around the corner, and, Apple presents us the first public preview of their largest Apple store in Asia.

Apple’s Asia’s Largest Store in Beijing Wangfujing.

Thousands Queue Up for Apple’s Asia’s Largest Store in Beijing Wangfujing. Apple’s brand-new Beijing Wangfujing location opened its doors today to swarms of Chinese Apple fans, journalists and tourists. The new store is a pretty big deal for a few reasons.

Grand Opening of Hong Kong’s New Flagship 3-Level Apple Store in Causeway Bay

The Grand Opening of Hong Kong third’s Apple Store in Causeway Bay was held at 9 a.m. this morning.

iPhone 5 Launch in China Is Cold, Quiet, and Lifeless.

Today, Apple’s popular iPhone 5 officially goes on sale in mainland China, and both China Unicom and China Telecom also start offering the iPhone 5 to customers.

More Apple Stores in China, Will This Help to Meet the Demand of iPhone 5 ?

Apple is gearing up to open its third store in Beijing. Taking the title as the largest store in Asia, the three-story location demonstrates Apple’s heavy investment to court the Chinese market.

Beijing’s Third Apple Store Confirmed Landing in Wangfujing, Will Open Later This Month

Great news for Apple fans in Beijing: Apple will be launching its largest flagship store in Asia at Beijing’s iconic Wangfujing Street. According to our sources, the store will be a massive one, sporting a gigantic glass display and a wide-open space. And one more thing, it might be opened for China’s new iPhone 5 …read more →

New Shenzhen Apple Store Will be Opening Soon to Resist iPhone 5’s Grey Market

Previously, we have reported Apple’s plans of expansion for their retail stores in China. Apple is considering to open up new stores at Southern part of China and Shengzhen Apple store might be the first one to come.

Apple Not Hiring Chinese Locals to Lead China Apple Stores ?

We mentioned previously that Apple will be making its big push into China very soon. It seems our sources were correct on this but we have some rather shocking news. Apple will not be hiring Chinese locals to lead the stores, instead they will be hiring foreign workers and bringing them over. Why are they …read more →