Mobile Virus Apps – Chinese Hackers can Earn More than 10 million USD a Year

December 8, 2016 | By |

Again. More than 2.100.000 smartphones has been infected by a new mobile phone virus in China. Local technician said that such viruses are usually hidden inside game apps. The hackers who planted the virus are able to charge additional airtime fees from users without them knowing.

Taobao Offers Beautiful Chinese Girls To Deliver Your Internet Goods!

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Did you know the biggest e-commerce platform in China (www has a service that has lots of beautiful girls called “Tao Girls” (淘女郎)? It has been there for about two years, which had a collection of over 40,000 Tao girls participating, who are mainly from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Several weeks ago, Alibaba Group vice president said that the department is working with another company in order to offer a new services, which will allow ustomers to choose Tao girls in the same city to deliver goods directly to your home!

FIIL Headphones Price in USA, Canada, Europe

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FIIL Headphones Price in USA, Canada, Europe. Beats Clone. In the world there are many brands of headphones, but one of the best known and most popular is the Beats, which is owned by company Apple is now. But soon, he may receive a competitor from China.

iPhone 10 Release Date, Features, Updates.

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iPhone 10 release date updates. Today we want to tell you some things about next generation Apple’s smartphone iPhone 10 generation. It’s one of the most awaited smartphone in 2017. Why?

Apple Watch 3 Release Date, Features, Battery Life.

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Apple Watch 3 Release Date, Features, Battery Life. Apple Watch Series 3 is most awaited smartphones in 2017. We know that Apple paid attention to design of their new products like iPhone 8, iPad Pro 2 and Apple Watch Series 3. They made it so carefully, that watches looks really attractive.

Google Pixel 2 Price in USA, Canada, Europe, UK, World. Unlocked

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Unlocked Google Pixel 2 Price in USA, Canada, Europe, UK, World. Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2 will ave some different features: displays 5-inch Full HD and a conventional 5.5-inch Quad HD in XL, size and capacity of the battery (2770 mAh and an ordinary 3450 mAh in XL) and prices.

Facebook in China. Again.

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Facebook in china. Again. Facebook has about 1.79 billion people, but banned in China.

Power Bank for iPhone, iPad Review

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Power Bank for iPhone, iPad Review: Built-in battery has quite enough energy for one day working, but when you plan something bigger, for example, long trip, you need to have something that can help you to be always online. These things become more and more popular and we call them PowerBanks. 

Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad Review + Impressions

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Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad Review + Impressions. Many of us have that problem, then we are going for vacation or setting up a trip, but we can’t download even a few movies on iPhone because of lack of space on smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano Price in USA, Canada, UK, Europe.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano Price in USA, Canada, UK, Europe. Xiaomi Mi Mix was a revelation this fall. No other phone is not discussed as active as this device. Stunning design done his job. It’s very interesting that Xiaomi was not the first to offer a smartphone with a thin frame, but the chinese have guessed the time. Today about the Sharp Aquos with the same design, no one remembers, but that’s about Xiaomi write almost every day.