iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s Camera Review, Megapixels, Specs

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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s Specification: Of course, no cost and without the appearance of new features, due to which Apple marketing plan to promote and advertise new. We decided to collect the 5 major differences from iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s, which we believe will be the key.

iPhone 7S Release Date, Price List, Full Specification

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iPhone 7S Release Date, Price List, Full Specification. iPhone 7S is one of the most awaited smartphone in 2017. We know that every years Apple released their products in September (excl. iPhone SE in March). It’s the best time for marketing because in September lots of smartphone owners want to buy new products. iPhone 7S one of them. Ok. If you want to see complete guide about iPhone 7S release date, price list, full specification.

iPhone 7 Clone? No. It’s Fake iPhone 7. Again.

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iPhone 7 Clone? No. Fake iPhone 7 Photo spreads on the web. Again. Yep.

iPhone 7 No Wireless Charging.

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Every day we can see news about new Apple iPhone 7. One of the most popular rumors about iPhone 7 Wireless Charging. Yep. What do you think? Last news via Foxconn department of supply we can tell you that No Wireless Charging in iPhone 7. Wireless charging is available on many new smartphones but not on iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Compatible Headphones. iPhone 7 will have 3.5mm Audio Jack.

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Some things about iPhone 7 Compatible Headphones. Today we have one good news. iPhone 7 will have 3.5mm audio jack. Yep. We spoke with our friends from Foxconn and they confirmed that Foxconn keeps goods 3.5mm audio jack in 2016 like in 2015. It’s mean than Foxconn must have a stable supply of parts for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

[Rumors] OS X Eagle Peak – New Mac’s OS Name spread on the web.

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[Rumors] OS X Eagle Peak – new name for new Mac OS X. iOS X 10.12….

iPhone 7 Waterproof. How to test a iPhone 7 for water resistance.

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How to test a iPhone 7 for water resistance. Is iPhone 7 Waterproof? Say you’ve had a iPhone for a few days and the closest it comes to water is washing your hands or going in the shower. Can I short of dunking it in a bowl of water and hoping for the best or sending it off for a service every year?

Is iPhone 7 waterproof?

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Will iPhone 7 waterproof? Despite rumors to the contrary, the iPhone 7 will be actually waterproof. Rumors about the appearance of full protection against ingress of water and dust into the iPhone 7 body go with the second half of 2015, but only now managed to prove a reliable source of them.

iPhone 7 Launch Date USA, China, Canada … Worldwide

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iPhone 7 Launch Date USA, China, Canada … Worldwide. We know that iPhone 7 is most awaited smartphone in 2016. Apple has been released their 4-inch iPhone SE in march for all who want to use small size iPhone. Next time – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. When will the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus come out?

iPhone 7 first weekend sales in USA, Canada, Worldwide.

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iPhone 7 first weekend sales in USA, Canada, Worldwide. According to a report by Daily Mail, Apple’s iPhone sales figures have come down to 50.4 million in the first quarter of 2016. The company recorded 61 million sales last year. Company’s revenue also fell accordingly. It indicates that the company didn’t grow since last 13 years. This year, Apple’s three major products lineup Mac, iPhone and iPad all have seen a decline in sales.