Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test Comparison

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Hi. Today we can see more about Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test Comparison. If you are one of them who want to buy new Google Pixel XL or iPhone 7 Plus, you must understand that Apple and Google made cool products with different features incl. Camera. Now you can see this video about it.

iPhone 100 Release Date, Rumors, Updates.

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Hi guys. Today we want to tell you more about future. Our new post named iPhone 100 Release Date, Rumors, Updates has updates about futured smartphones and tablets via Apple, Google, Xiaomi, Samsung. It’s very interesting which companies will be release new products in 2020-2030 year.

iPhone 8 Display in 2017???

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iPhone 8 Display in 2017??? Sharp has introduced the concept of a smartphone Corner R, the screen is completely devoid of frames – at the top and on the sides. The smartphone uses IGZO-panel that can display images with a pixel density of more than 1000 ppi. In the case of Corner R resolution of 1920 × 1080 (or 425 ppi). Completely get rid of the framework did not succeed: the bottom there is a panel with control buttons.

iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test. Videos.

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iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test
iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test. Videos. iPhone 7 (incl. iPhone 7 Plus) is most awaited smartphone in 2016. Apple has updated the image signal processor and optics, so that the sensor gets substantially more light, has expanded the range of colors recorded by the camera – and this is only in iPhone 7 camera. 🙂 iPhone 7 Plus has more.

We Ate The iFong — The iPhone of Pineapple Cakes

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Here’s something iconic: We took a trip to Taiwan, and visited a bakery shop to try their wildly popular pineapple cakes which are being sold under the name iFong. So of course we had to eat it and tell you what does the iFong taste like. It was sweet, and taste like apple pie.

New iPhones coming out 2017 – iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S?

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New iPhone coming out in 2017. When is the iPhone 8 coming out and how much will it cost or when is the iPhone 8 coming out and how much will it cost? It’s most popular question in Apple fans sphere.

Unboxing and Eating Taiwan’s iPad Snack — iYou (with video!)

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One of the things that excited me most about going to Taiwan was the idea that I could check out the hilarious Taiwan bakery that create the packaging of their famous cake products in the form of Apple iPhone and iPad packaging. We reviewed the iFong, which is a pineapple cake in the form of iPhone’s packaging. Today, we want to introduce you another phenomenal cake product called the iYou, a pomelo cake featuring a packaging box that is quite similarly designed to Apple’s iPad.

iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black Unboxing

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iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black Unboxing. We know that Apple has been released new two amazing colors. Apple’s iPhone 7 design is one of the most visually distinctive about smartphone. Jet Black is most popular and most favorite color of new iPhone 7. We know that iPhone 7 Plus ship date of Jet Black is only November. it’s mean that lots of Plus buyers want to buy this color. Today we can see this cool iPhone 7 unboxing.

iPhone 7 Headphones Price – AirPods, EarPods

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iPhone 7 Headphones price list: AirPods and EarPods + Updates. Apple has been released their new products iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with new EarPods. We know that new Apple’s smartphone haven’t standart audio Jack. Apple presented special all new AirPods – next generation headphones with amazing design and unibody.

iPhone 8 Glass. First Transparent Phones Will Be Release In 2017.

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First Transparent Phones Will Be Release In 2017. iPhone 8 incl. iPhone 8 Plus Glass has big future. We know that glass technologies is most popular in this age. Lots of technology geeks wait new features in next generation smartphones incl. iPhone 8 and Samsung. When?