Power Bank for iPhone, iPad Review

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Power Bank for iPhone, iPad Review: Built-in battery has quite enough energy for one day working, but when you plan something bigger, for example, long trip, you need to have something that can help you to be always online. These things become more and more popular and we call them PowerBanks. 

Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad Review + Impressions

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Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad Review + Impressions. Many of us have that problem, then we are going for vacation or setting up a trip, but we can’t download even a few movies on iPhone because of lack of space on smartphone.

MacBook Pro Clone Review + Impressions

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Updated. MacBook Pro Clone Review + Impressions.
We had talked about the Macbook Pro knockoff before, remember? The old glowing Dragonfly logo is finally upgraded to a glowing Apple logo. Based on the photos of the clone, it makes us think it runs Mac OS X, but is that true? Tell you later.

Xiaomi’s Ambitious Goal to Be in 2017 The Next Apple in China

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There is a company based in Beijing called “Xiaomi (小米)“, who had an ambitious goal to become in 2017 the next Apple in China. Seemingly is because the president of the company is an Apple fanboy. We believe the company can be quite successful in China but definitely not good enough to beat Apple in the market, and we are going to introduce to you guys about Xiaomi after the break. Hope you like it.

Macbook Pro 2016 Price in USA, Complete Models

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Macbook Pro 2016 Price in USA, Price List and Full Specifications. Macbook Pro 2016 Touch Bar and without Touch Bar – just a godsend for advanced designers, musicals or movies creators. I gave it and today it is the most useful gift. It’s cool. By the nature of their activities, I spend a lot of time in correspondence with customers and use multiple email addresses at once and create a lot of documents.

MacBook Air 2017 Price USA, Canada + Impressions.

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MacBook Air 2017 Price in USA, Canada. We know that every year Apple updated their products. Today we can tell you more about “old” MacBook Air.

New Macbook Pro 2016 Late vs Macbook Pro 2015

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Apple released new MacBook Pro 2016 mid version. It’s amazing product from Apple. Today we want to tell you some things about new Macbook Pro 2016 Late vs Macbook Pro 2015.

MacBook Pro 2017 Price in USA

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Apple has been released a MacBook Pro 2017 with Thunderbolt 3, USB-C ports and the new OLED-panel. The notebook will also be changed in the style of 12-inch MacBook. It’s amazing new Macbook Pro in this age.

iPhone 8 Concept Trailer.

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What iPhone is coming out in 2017
What iPhone is coming out in 2017? iPhone 8. Referring to the information sources in the court audience of fans of Apple products, it has been presented as yet unofficial iPhone 8 concept with 8-core processor and optional touchscreen. Exterior iPhone 8 is different from the conceptual model of iPhone 7, differences are noticeable only in a modified screen.

Pangu – Jailbreak iOS 10 is the most difficult jailbreak in history.

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Today we have not good news for all who wait Jailbreak iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Our friend in chinese hackers community confirmed information that Jailbreak iOS 10 is the most difficult jailbreak in history. Not like iOS 9 or iOS 8.